Couple holding hands

“We are enjoying each other again.  I see him in a different light.  And I feel seen again.  I feel like we can actually TALK to each other about all the things we never thought we could.  All the defensiveness that was there before just isn’t there anymore.  Life isn’t perfect, but, what I realized is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be really good.”

-37 year old married mother of 1


Calling to schedule couples counseling can be daunting. Scary. Often, people have been thinking about calling for a long time before they actually call.

I appreciate you calling and wanting to invest in your relationship.

I want to help you find connection and understanding. I want to help you lean in to each other and feel safe doing so.

I enjoy working with straight, same sex, and poly couples.

I work with couples in all different phases of their relationships. Newly coupled looking to start off on the right foot, pre and post divorcing couples looking to transition with as little conflict as possible, couples looking to reconnect after having young children or having been together a long time (or both), and many other scenarios.

Schedule now. I can help.